Mise en place de Sphinx pour générer de la doc/Cours

1. Install rst2pdf
    - use your package manager (or)
    - pip install rst2pdf (or)
    - easy_install rst2pdf

2. Add rst2pdf to the list of extensions in conf.py


extensions = ['rst2pdf.pdfbuilder']

    This list will be empty if you accepted the defaults when the project was setup. If not, just append 'rst2pdf.pdfbuilder' to the list.

3. Add a pdf_documents variable to conf.py

  pdf_documents = [('index', u'rst2pdf', u'Sample rst2pdf doc', u'Your Name'),]
  # index - master document
  # rst2pdf - name of the generated pdf
  # Sample rst2pdf doc - title of the pdf
  # Your Name - author name in the pdf

4. Generate pdf

sphinx-build -b pdf source build/pdf

   The generated pdf will be in the build/pdf directory.